Modern science tells us that the human person is not just a physical structure, but like everything else, we are also composed of bioenergy fields. We can measure electrical currents from the heart with an electrocardiogram (EKG); electrical bioenergy from the brain with an electroencephalogram (EEG); and, the lie detector measures the potential of the skin. Various magnetic imaging devices, night vision devices and others, can measure the electromagnetic fields around the human body

In the middle part of the 20th Century, our culture fostered the idea that only a medical doctor was capable of taking care of a person's health. Fortunately, in the latter part of the century that began to change as more people, including some doctors, came to understand that conventional Western medicine does not have all the answers with respect to health and wellness. In fact, the most honest medical doctors concede that Western medicine sometimes has no answers, and may, at times, even make a person's health worse.

Scientists discover through research that our bodies seem to be organized in the same way as the universe. Perhaps this research will support the idea that we are a holographic microcosm of the macrocosm we call the universe, which sounds like another way of saying man is made in the image of God."

We have all types of scanning machines to scan our energy. 

Today science finely based on the fact that the body has an energy system that follows pathways referred to as meridians. These meridians are said to interact with a number of more concentrated energy centers called chakras, as well as with detectable energy fields around the body. And if energy really does pervasively saturate every cubic centimeter of space throughout the universe, as physicists Albert Einstein and David Bohm informed us, the meridians are part and parcel of our connection with each other, as well as to everything else for that matter.

Every one of us has a unique energy system made up of different electromagnetic fields in a wide range of frequencies.  This is called our bioenergy field.  This field is made up of electromagnetic emissions, which are closely connected to our physical body as well as our external environment.  In other words, our bioenergy field has two sides—one reflecting the condition of our physical body and one reflecting the influence of our environment.  Therefore, our bioenergy field is like a mirror, showing us the changes occurring in our internal body as well as the external elements affecting it.

There are many factors in our external environment that can have negative effects on our systems.  Disease causing pathogens, pollution, and toxins are just some examples.  Many of these external factors emit their own electromagnetic waves, which can negatively affect our bioenergy field.  When an individual’s bioenergy field is negatively altered or compromised over an extended period of time, changes can start happening at the cellular level.  When the cellular level is affected, physical symptoms begin to appear in the body.  Therefore, the bioenergy field can be viewed as an individual’s first layer of defense before the physical body is compromised.  Additionally, knowing the state of our bioenergy field can give us great insight into the current and future state of our health.  But if we can’t see our bioenergy field, then how can we measure it?

Advancements in modern science have given us a way to measure an individual’s bioenergy field to a high degree of specificity and accuracy.  Certain bioenergy frequencies and waves can be associated with specific body systems or organs.

However, simply knowing that your bioenergy field is compromised is only half the battle. Is there anything we can do to restore it and to prevent further escalation to physical effects in the body?  Indeed, we now can.

Scientists associated with the Rocket and Space Complex in Russia have been researching and developing radio-absorbing and radio-reflecting materials.  In the past decade, they came upon a breakthrough when they were able to develop a new composite material called “bioenergy cloth,” which can shield off electromagnetic emissions in a wide range of frequencies.  Research shows that use of this bioenergy cloth can not only restore the bioenergy field, but also protect it from future harm.  Further testing in the medical field has shown that human subjects utilizing this cloth experienced improvements in sleep, energy, and immunity among other health benefits

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